Our seminars/reading groups are usually Wednesdays at 11am. 

The seminar this year is organized by Nermin Samet and Yannis Siglidis.

If you are interested in presenting your work, please contact us [1, 2].


Future talks


January 18th | Jurgen Gall (University of Bonn) : TBA

January 25th | Ruben Villegas (Google Brain) : TBA

February 8th | Denis Coquenet (CNAM) : TBA

February 15th | Hugo Touvron (FAIR) : Studying and Improving Training Procedures for the Transformer Architecture.

February 22th | Thomas Müller (NVIDIA) : TBA

Past talks


January 11th | Bill Peebles (BAIR) : Scalable Generative Modeling with Transformers and Diffusion

December 7th | Shizhe Chen (Willow, Inria Paris) : Vision-and-Language Navigation

November 30th | Fatma Guney (Koç University) : Efficient Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction and Unknown Object Segmentation

November 16th | Veronica Belmega (LIGM) : Handling anxiety when speaking in public.

November 2nd | Georgia Gkioxari (FAIR) : From 2D to 3D Visual Recognition: New Benchmarks, Models and Methods for 3D in the Wild

October 19th | Bernard Ghanem (KAUST) : Beyond Temporal Activity Localization (TAL) in Untrimmed Video

October 12th | Intern Day

September 28th | Yannis Siglidis : Diffusion 101

September 15th | Alyosha Efros (BAIR): TBA

September 21st | Robin Rombach (Heidelberg University, LMU Munich) : High-Resolution Image Synthesis via Two-Stage Generative Models

July 20th | Mathilde Caron (Google) : Self-Supervised Vision Transformers

July 13th | CVPR highlights

July 6th | Jean-Baptiste Alayrac (DeepMind) : Flamingo: a Visual Language Model for Few-Shot Learning

June 29nd | Antonín Vobecký (Czech Technical University) : Drive&Segment: Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes via Cross-modal Distillation

June 15th | Damien Robert (ENGIE Lab, Univ. Gustave Eiffel, IGN-ENSG) : Deep View Aggregation in the Wild

June 8th | Sagar Vaze (VGG) : Learning From Images in an Open World

May. 25th | Vincent Lepetit : How to write a research paper

May. 18th | Yangtao Wang (Université Grenoble Alpes): Self-Supervised Transformers for Unsupervised Object Discovery using Normalized Cut

May. 10th | Katerina Fragkiadaki (Carnegie Mellon University): Modular 3D neural scene representations for visuomotor control and language grounding

May. 4th | Elena Sizikova (NYU): Learning with Incomplete Supervision in Imaging Applications

Apr. 27th | Nanne van Noord (University of Amsterdam): Interdisciplinarity, Computer Vision, and Visual Culture

Apr. 20th | Nicolas Dufour : Perceiver papers presentation

Apr. 13th | Liliane Momeni (University of Oxford) : Computer Vision for Sign Language

March. 30th | Dmitriy Smirnov (MIT) : Deep Learning on Geometry Representations

March. 16th | Nermin Samet : Integrating near and long-range evidence for visual detection

March. 9th | Dimitris Tsipras (Stanford University): Controlling model behavior beyond the training data

Feb. 23rd | Fivos Kalogiannis (National Technical University of Athens): Min-max optimization in two-team zero-sum games
Rahima Djahel: A 3D Segments Based Algortihm For Heterogeneous Data Registration – Detecting Openings To Improve Indoor/Outdoor Registration

Feb. 16th | Stéphane Lathuilière (Télécom Paris): Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Video Generation

Feb. 9th | ECCV submission

Jan. 26th | Oriane Simeoni (Valeo.ia): Localizing Objects with Self-Supervised Transformers and no Labels

Jan. 19th | Thomas Belos: MOD SLAM: Mixed Method for a More Robust SLAM Without Loop Closing

                       Amanda Duarte: Sign Language Video Retrieval with Free-Form Textual Queries

Jan. 12th | Diogo Luvizon (Max Planck Institute): Novel view synthesis from a single image through multiplane image representation

Jan. 5th | Thibaut Issenhuth and Nicolas Dufour: Tutorial on GAN and Latent reweighting, an almost free improvement for GANs


Dec. 14th | Pierre Alliez (INRIA): Progressive Discrete Domains for Implicit Surface Reconstruction

Dec. 8th | Emanuele Dalsasso (Télécom Paris):  As if by magic: self-supervised training of deep despeckling networks with MERLIN

                     Arthur Oukanine (Télécom Paris and Multi-View Radar Semantic Segmentation

Dec. 1st | Van Huy Vo (Ecole Normale Superieure, INRIA and – Unsupervised Object Discovery

Nov. 24th | Yannis Kalantidis (NaverLabs): Measuring and Improving the Generalization of Self-supervised Learning

Nov. 17th |

Nov. 10th | CVPR submission 2

Nov. 3rd | Yuming Du : Brief overview of deep learning based object detection/segmentation & Presentation of Champion Methods for UVO Challenges

Oct. 27th | ICCV 2021 highlights 2

Oct. 20th | ICCV 2021 highlights

Oct. 13th | CVPR submission

Oct. 6th | Intern projects : Nicolas Dufour, Georgy Ponimatkin and Yannis Siglidis

Sep. 29th | Francesc Moreno-Noguer (Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial): Deep Human Modeling from Single Images

Sep. 20th | Pascal Fua (EPFL): Deep Surface Meshes

Sep. 15th Vicky Kalogeiton (École Polytechnique): Towards a moving word: The who, what and with whom for video understanding

Sep. 8th | Vivien Sainte-Fare-Garnot (IGN): Panoptic Segmentation of Satellite Image Time Series with Convolutional Temporal Attention Networks

Sep. 1st | Mathis Petrovich: Tutorial on Humans modeling, estimation and generation

Jul. 28th | Simon Roburin: Spherical Perspective on Learning with Batch Normalization and

                      Philippe Chiberre: Detecting Stable Keypoints from Events through Image Gradient Prediction

Jul. 21st | CVPR highlights (part 2)

Jul. 15th | CVPR highlights (part 1)

Jul. 7th | Jia-Bin Huang (University of Maryland): Learning to See the 3D world

Jun. 30th | Yasu Furukawa (Simon Fraser University): Teaching Computers to Design Architecture

Jun. 23rdRahima Djahel: Towards Efficient Indoor/Outdoor Registration Using Planar Polygons

Jun. 16th | Welcome seminar

Jun. 9th | Nicolas Gonthier: Convolutional Neural Networks for Art Analysis

Jun. 2nd | Yuki Asano (VGG Oxford University): Self-supervised Learning from Images, Videos, Audio and Text to Representations and Beyond

May. 12th | Victor Besnier: Uncertainty in neural networks

May. 5th | Tutorial on encoders (part 2)

Apr. 28th | Yana Hasson (INRIA): Hand-object reconstruction

Apr. 21st | Tutorial on encoders (part 1)

Apr. 14th | Yann Labbé (Inria)

Apr. 7th | Max Bain, Vincent Lepetit, Van-Nguyen Nguyen

March. 31st | Romain Loiseau: 3D point transformers

March. 3rd | ICCV submissions (part 2) Mathis Petrovich

Feb. 24th | ICCV submissions (part 1)

Feb. 17th | Siyu Tang (ETH Zurich)

Feb. 10th | Zan Gojcic (ETH Zurich): PREDATOR: Registration of 3D Point Clouds with Low Overlap and Weakly Supervised Learning of Rigid 3D Scene Flow

Feb. 3rd | Ahmet Iscen (Google): Memory-Efficient Incremental Learning Through Feature Adaptation

Jan. 27th | Pierre Jacob, Mathis Petrovich and Othman Sbai: Tutorial on Transformers

Jan. 13th | NeurIPS highlights (part 2)

Jan. 6th | NeurIPS highlights (part 1)


Dec. 16th | Nerf

Dec. 9th | Pierre Jacob and Xi Chen: Metric learning

Dec. 2nd Shangzhe Wu (VGG): Unsupervised Learning of Probably Symmetric Deformable 3D Objects from Images in the Wild

Nov. 25th | Muxingzi Li: Approximating shapes in images with low-complexity polygons

Oct. 28th | Tolga Birdal (Stanford)

Oct. 21st | CVPR submissions

Oct. 14th | l Varol: Scaling up sign language recognition

Oct. 7th | Tom Monnier and Elliot

Sep. 23rd | Interns project presentations

Sep. 16th | Helisa Dhamo: Layered Depth Images and Scene Graphs

Sep. 9th | ECCV highlights

Sep. 2nd | Sergey Zakharov

March. 11th | Francois Darmon and Hugo Germain

March. 4th | Thomas Belos: An introduction to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Feb. 12th | ECCV submissions

Jan. 30th | Elmar Mair (Google X)

Jan. 29th | Francisco Massa (FAIR)

Jan. 22nd | Jan Bednařík (CVLab): Shape Reconstruction by Learning Differentiable Surface Representation

Jan. 15th | Spyros Gidaris (ValeoAI): Few-Shot Learning

Jan. 8th | Loic Landrieu (IGN) 


Dec. 18th | Jan Bednařík (CVLab): Shape Reconstruction by Learning Differentiable Surface Representation

Dec. 18th | Yongchao Xu: Learning the relationship between neighboring pixels for some vision tasks

Dec. 10th | Raphael Groscot: 3D Deep Learning

Dec. 4th | Tom Monnier: Deep Segmentation Overview

Nov. 18th | ICCV highlights

Oct. 23rd | CVPR submissions : Yuming Du – Pierre-Alain Langlois – Othman Sbai – Xi Shen – Michaël Ramamonjisoa 

Oct. 16th | Shell Xu Hu and Francois Darmon

Oct. 11th | Antoine Labatie (Graphcore)

Oct. 2nd | Bryan Russell (Adobe)

Sept. 26th | Xi Shen, Yang Xia: Domain Adaptation

May. 9th | Jean Feydy (ENS Cachan): Robust shape matching with Optimal Transport

May. 6th | Xi Shen

Apr. 25th | Othman Sbai, Oumayma Bounou: StyleGAN

Apr. 19th | Emilie Chouzenoux (UMLV-CentraleSupélec): Deep Unfolding of a Proximal Interior Point Method for Image Restoration

Apr. 15th | Ignacio Rocco (INRIA-WILLOW): Neighbourhoud Consensus Networks

Apr. 12th | Simon Roburin: Regularity of Neural Networks

Mar. 25th | Guillaume Charpiat (Inria-TAU – LRI): Deep Learning for Satellite Imagery

Mar. 18th | ICCV submissions

Mar. 11th | David Picard (ENSEA)

Mar. 4th   | Corentin Tallec (Inria TAU-LRI): Reinforcement learning

Feb. 27th | Edouard Oyallon (CentraleSupélec): Layerwise learning

Feb. 25th | ICCV plans

Feb. 18th | Xuchong Qiu: Object pose estimation

Feb. 11th | Shell Hu, François Darmon: Bayesian deep learning

Feb. 4th   | Gül Varol (Inria Willow): BodyNet – volumetric inference of 3D human body shapes in videos

Jan. 28th | Xuchong Qiu, Yang Xiao: Visual servoing & RL overview

Jan. 21st | Xi Shen: Low shot learning

Jan. 14th | Robin Champenois: Text generation

Jan. 7th   | Thibault Groueix, Pierre-Alain Langlois: Solving earth mover’s distance (EMD)


Dec. 20th | Pierre-Alain, Benjamin Dubois: Causality (and beyond)

Nov. 5th   | CVPR plans 2

Oct. 29th | CVPR plans 1

Oct. 22nd | Adrien Kaiser (Telecom Paris): A survey of simple geometric primitives detection methods for captured 3D data

Oct. 15th | David Fouhey (UC Berkeley)

Oct. 8th   | Théo Deprelle: GroupNorm, InstanceNorm, LayerNorm, BatchNorm…

Oct. 1st   | Leman Feng: Curved optimal Delaunay triangulation

Sep. 17th | Othman Sbaï, Thibault Groueix, Théo Deprelle: ECCV highlightsth

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