Our seminars/reading groups are usually on Mondays 2pm. If you are interested in visiting ENPC and presenting your work, please contact us.


Sept 9th | Georgios Exarchakis (Institut de la Vision)

May 9th | Jean Feydy (ENS Cachan): Robust shape matching with Optimal Transport

May 6th | Xi Shen

Apr 25th |Othman Sbai, Oumayma Bounou: StyleGAN

Apr. 19th | Emilie Chouzenoux (UMLV-CentraleSupélec): Deep Unfolding of a Proximal Interior Point Method for Image Restoration

Apr. 15th | Ignacio Rocco (INRIA-WILLOW): Neighbourhoud Consensus Networks

Apr. 12th   10am | Simon Roburin: regularity of Neural Networks

Mar. 25th | Guillaume Charpiat (Inria-TAU – LRI): Deep Learning for Satellite Imagery

Mar. 18th | ICCV submissions

Mar. 11th | David Picard (ENSEA)

Mar. 4th   | Corentin Tallec (Inria TAU-LRI): reinforcement learning

Feb. 27th | Edouard Oyallon (CentraleSupélec): layerwise learning

Feb. 25th | ICCV plans

Feb. 18th | Xuchong Qiu: object pose estimation

Feb. 11th | Shell Hu, François Darmon: Bayesian deep learning

Feb. 4th   | Gül Varol (Inria Willow): BodyNet – volumetric inference of 3D human body shapes in videos

Jan. 28th | Xuchong Qiu, Yang Xiao: visual servoing & RL overview

Jan. 21st | Xi Shen: low shot learning

Jan. 14th | Robin Champenois: text generation

Jan. 7th   | Thibault Groueix, Pierre-Alain Langlois: solving earth mover’s distance (EMD)


Dec. 20th | Pierre-Alain, Benjamin Dubois: causality (and beyond)

Nov. 5th   | CVPR plans 2

Oct. 29th | CVPR plans 1

Oct. 22nd | Adrien Kaiser (Telecom): a survey of simple geometric primitives detection methods for captured 3D data

Oct. 15th | David Fouhey (UC Berkeley)

Oct. 8th   | Théo Deprelle: GroupNorm, InstanceNorm, LayerNorm, BatchNorm…

Oct. 1st   | Leman Feng: curved optimal Delaunay triangulation

Sep. 17th | Othman Sbaï, Thibault Groueix, Théo Deprelle: ECCV highlights

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